The McKibben Group LLC

Linda McKibben, MD, DrPH, MPH FAAP, FACPM

CEO, The McKibben Group LLC

Summary of Competencies

  • Community Pediatrician
    • Professional Education
      • Antiracism, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion policy in pediatrics
      • Safe gun storage for parents
    • Patient education tools for pediatric teams
      • Safe gun storage guidance
    • Grant support for pediatricians
    • Quality Improvement support for pediatricians
  • Preventive Medicine Physician
    • Project leadership
    • Project management
  • Public Health Scientist
    • Surveys
    • Clinical trial support
  • Health Policy Scholar
    • Policy analysis
    • Reports
  • Clinical Regulatory Consultant
    • Former Clinical Reviewer in CBER's Division of Vaccines and Related Products Administration
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME):
    • Vaccines
    • Injury Prevention
      • Safe gun storage to prevent child and youth access
      • Intimate partner violence and impact on children
    • Patient Safety
      • Healthcare-associated infections